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Since at least 2015, we have been observing a growing problem related to the acquisition of new employees from the labor market. There is talk of the so-called employee market, but in practice, for business organizations it simply means having to pay more and more money for increasingly lower competences. There is no possibility of reversing this trend in the foreseeable future. The main reason for this is demographics. European societies, or more broadly, the welfare societies of late capitalism, are aging. According to Tomas Piketty in "Capital in the 21st century", the natural tendency of societies is a decline in fertility related to the material status. Today, you can already find demographic forecasts that describe the state of Polish society in 2050 at approximately 25 million. indigenous citizens. And this is just an example of Poland. From an entrepreneur's perspective, it may soon turn out that finding a competent employee from our cultural area who will be a product of our education system will be simply impossible.

In this context, it becomes crucial to look for all possible areas for automation within existing business organizations. Today, there are still companies on the market that do not have specific management processes and procedures and operate in a world of "joyful improvisation". These companies will naturally die out as the availability of highly qualified specialists who have a natural predisposition to improvisation and can thrive in such an environment decreases. The more participants in the labor market from outside the linguistic/cultural circle with lower than the required average qualifications, the higher the pressure to create quasi-automated organizations based on processes and procedures. Such a world will become not so much a whim of managers striving to optimize costs in order to win another annual bonus, but a necessity resulting from available human and intellectual resources.

Today, the biggest problem of all LEAN systems is their low compatibility with humans. The rigid procedural framework imposed by spreadsheets and relational databases means that any optimization is perceived as inhumane. They require a change in the way of thinking, burdensome reporting, strict adherence to established communication patterns, etc. etc. The use of AI algorithms means that natural communication can return to this world, both in terms of the results of such a system and the methods of updating data. In other words, we can be LEAN or more LEAN and at the same time maintain the nature of human communication and interaction with the environment. After completing the training, the assistant that we want to implement on the market immediately jumps to the R4 level according to. Blanchard's methodology. Communicates naturally, uses all company systems optimally, does not get tired, does not complain, communicates in an open and non-discriminatory manner.

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Bold Innovation is a simple joint-stock company registered in Poland. Thanks to this, you can join the revolution today and buy our shares, investing in a new, better world, based on business automation made using artificial intelligence that is understandable to humans.

Bold Innovation issues ordinary shares with 1 head right (series A) and dividend preferred shares (series AZ). Contact us and let's talk about our future together!

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