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Streszczenie futurystyczne tło


Get ahead of your competition thanks to advanced AI-based automation

What we do
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Transform data into knowledge

We leverage language models to sift through extensive datasets, synthesizing them through natural language. By integrating these models into our existing business workflows, we enhance data utility. This synthesized information can then be exchanged within the organization via various APIs, streamlining efficiency and automating operations.

We accomplish this swiftly, employing language that is clear and easily comprehensible to our partners.

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Talk to your documentation

Transforms your company's documentation into an accessible knowledge base. Whether it involves internal corporate policies or external customer-facing product specifications, you can simply ask questions and get answers!

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We assist you in comprehending and harnessing AI

Merely supplying the model with data doesn't ensure positive outcomes—adhering to the principle of "garbage in, garbage out."


For the responses to meet expectations, the data must be meticulously curated and optimized. This process ensures that the answers are accurate and minimizes the occurrence of fabrications or hallucinations.

We offer expertise in prompt engineering, fine-tuning, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and data transformation specifically tailored for Large Language Models (LLMs). Our approach enhances the quality of the data fed into the model, ensuring that the generated responses are both reliable and relevant.

Meet Laika - YCA: "You Can Ask" Everything

Laika (YCA) is a versatile communication engine designed to operate within limited data scopes, ensuring accuracy without errors or fabrications. Alongside, YCA tailors to the unique data needs of each organization, executing diverse tasks and utilizing various language models to optimize processing expenses. Laika seamlessly integrates with an organization's IT framework, functioning within your specific domain using familiar communication techniques. It's capable of inferring, summarizing, and extracting facts, positioning itself as your indispensable ally in the realm of AI.

Join the revolution

Over 73% of U.S. enterprises are either in the midst of or have completed their digital transformation journey, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms. The use of Machine Learning and neural networks has led to comparisons of AI's impact to monumental inventions like electricity or the steam engine. At Bold Innovation, we may not be certain if it's more akin to electricity or steam, but we're convinced it's a revolution unparalleled in human history. By investing in our shares, you have the opportunity to be part of this transformative era and reap its benefits.


Meet our founders

Every airplane need two engines


Hubert Taler

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Say hello to Hubert, our esteemed CTO, boasting an impressive 25 years of immersive experience in the IT realm. A true veteran who fondly recalls the days of the Commodore 64, yet his skills and adaptability are as cutting-edge as the latest NVIDIA graphics card.

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Łukasz Sadłowski

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Introducing Łukasz, the powerhouse behind our communication and sales strategies. With a solid 18 years of business acumen under his belt, Łukasz guides us on our journey to success, driving our vision forward with unmatched expertise and leadership.

Who we are

Turning your data into knowledge

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Share your needs, vision, and strategy with us. We'll review them to set goals and expected outcomes together. After that, we'll move on to the prototyping phase.

We'll develop an initial, fully operational model that works with a limited dataset to accurately assess the viability of the defined assumptions.

In an impressively short timeframe, we'll deliver a fully functional model capable of serving your clients by addressing initial challenges and generating early profits/savings. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

We iteratively refine the product based on feedback received during the MVP stage, incorporating additional functionalities and evolving the product to fully satisfy both your and your customers' needs.

Production cycle

Reach out to us

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Let's get together and have a conversation. Talking is a human connection, and from it, great things can emerge!

Bold Innovation P.S.A.

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Street: Bogusława X 22, second floor, room 9

+48 667485006 / +48 505726411

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